`` We hope that our Foundation inspires others to take action on a cause that they care about as much as we do``

The iRiE KiDZ® Foundation was established to support its belief that all children are born to be great, and therefore must be given the opportunity to be educated, engaged, inspired and empowered to pursue their passion, talent and ambition.

The Foundation has several initiatives, all of which are integrated, resulting in a wide programme of activities that supports youth at various stages of development.

These and other programmes will open up a world of possibilities, and will provide youth with the opportunities they need to succeed in school, work and life, especially those who ordinarily would not have had the chance, for one reason or another, to access such programmes.

iRiE KiDZ® recognises that it cannot solve all the challenges that children and young people face, but it hopes that its intentions inspires others to take action on a cause that they care about, as much as we do.

iRiE KiDZ® Foundation

Born to be Great

Creating opportunities that will allow students and unemployed youth to gain marketable skills in entrepreneurship, business management and the creative industries which will result in capacity building and the identification and creation of economic opportunities.

Organising youth based business training, mentoring and practical on-the-job experience which will be gained from the Foundation's affiliate organisations.

Providing educational support and assistance to children and young adults living in underserved communities; increasing their access to educational resources and extra-curricular activities that will help them to develop their talent, interests and passion.

Creating cultural and creative experiences that nurture a positive sense of national pride, unity and identity amongst children and young adults.

Jennifer Sharrier

Founder & Executive Director

Having lived and worked in the Caribbean, and having spent the majority of my time in Jamaica, I have recognized that there is something really special about the region, and something mystical about Jamaica; “the biggest little country in the world”, whose culture has, and continues to have global impact.

Working with corporate Jamaica I have been exposed to every aspect of Jamaican life, the ‘good, bad and ugly’; but one thing is clear the Jamaican people have abundant talent but unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to excel; and a considerable number of young people, the largest percentage of the population, are not even hopeful for their future.

The iRiE KiDZ® Foundation was formed as it recognized that the need existed for more opportunities to be created for young talent. Opportunities that would help to build their capacity, create economic opportunities and open up a world of possibilities; whilst ensuring that the Jamaican spirit was not lost and its propensity for greatness was encouraged.

Jennifer Sharrier is Founder & Executive Director of iRiE KiDZ®. Born and raised in London, England she is of Jamaican parentage and has lived and worked throughout the Caribbean, and has now made Jamaica her home.