iRiE KiDZ® launches its Foundation

iRiE KiDZ®, the children’s lifestyle brand launches The iRiE KiDZ® Foundation.  The Foundation  is established to support its belief that all children are born to be great, and therefore must be given the opportunity to be educated, engaged, inspired and empowered to pursue their passion, talent and ambition.

The two  affiliated organisations will be working closely with each other, as both companies share common goals which compliment one another’s social programmes. iRiE KiDZ® will facilitate most of the  youth related ‘practical experience and exposure’  programmes on behalf of the Foundation, through its ‘youth led’ social enterprise.

The iRiE KiDZ® Foundation has created several novel and inspiring programmes, all to support the ‘born to be great’ positioning, these include:  ‘The Biz®’ (training & development), ‘Backpack of Hope®’ (education) and ‘Born to be Great®’ (culture & heritage) projects. #BornToBeGreat