iRiE KiDZ® – An authentic Jamaican brand

iRiE KiDZ® is an authentic Jamaican brand,  founded in 2010 in Kingston, Jamaica.  The organisation is a youth led  children’s lifestyle brand  and budding social enterprise, whilst  the  iRiE KiDZ® Foundation (whom is affiliated with the iRiE KiDZ® brand) was established in 2018 with a remit to educate, engage, inspire and empower irie kids  to pursue their passion, talent and ambition.

iRiE KiDZ® and iRiE KiDS® are registered trademarks (2004-2020).  The organisations operate  under the name iRiE KiDZ® and both are focused on irie kids.

Born in Jamaica iRiE KiDZ® roots are firmly planted in the Caribbean.