iRiE KiDZ® helping to address a major youth dilemma

You want a job to gain relevant experience in your desired field, but you can’t find a job because you don’t have any work experience, or the experience that is required! How do you escape this contradiction? At iRiE KiDZ® Foundation we are creating youth opportunities to help address this dilemma.

Students and unemployed youth with a proven interest in a particular area of business and/or the creative arts will be given the opportunity to gain practical experience and exposure in that field.

Participants get the opportunity to work on special projects and assignments with iRiE KiDZ® Foundation or its affiliated company Irie Kidz, who creates, designs, produces and distributes a children’s clothing brand.

These  opportunities will not only allow participants to gain relevant experience in their desired field but will also boost their resume and improve employment prospects.

Creating opportunities for youth is important because they play an important role in a country’s success: socially, economically and politically.

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goal 8 states “The need to build dynamic, sustainable, innovative and people-centred economies, highlighting the importance of achieving full and productive employment and decent work for all”, with youth being identified as a key target group.

The SDG recognises, as do we all, that “countries stand to benefit from having a healthy and well-educated workforce with the knowledge and skills needed for productive and fulfilling work and full participation in society”.