iRiE KiDZ® Inaugural Photoshoot

Recognizing the need to create its own image bank, iRiE KiDZ’s first youth assignment was a photoshoot for young creatives with a flair for photography. Here they were given the opportunity to practice their craft and create images for the iRiE KiDZ® brand, which could be used on an ongoing basis.  The photographers were overseen by a group of specialists in the area, who guided them throughout the assignment.

One key element of the brief was to represent Jamaica’s motto ‘out of many one people’, so children of various ethnicities were chosen to participate in the shoot. Twenty children were involved from as young as 2 to 13 years of age.

The iRiE KiDZ® brand is affiliated with iRiE KiDZ® Foundation and it plays a major role in the creation of practical experience and exposure for students and unemployed youth.