iRiE KiDZ®  and iRiE KiDZ® Foundation have a new, centrally located home at 22 Barbican Road,  Liguanea, Kingston 6, Jamaica where it will not only conduct its business but will create space for youth participating in its programmes.

Executive Director of iRiE KiDZ® , Jennifer Sharrier stated “that it’s really important for iRiE KiDZ® to have its own space, especially as we are collaborating with third parties and are working closely with students who need to meet with us on a regular basis”.

She continued by saying that “those participating in the iRiE KiDZ® programmes can work from this location to complete their assignments and at the same time be immersed in the world of iRiE KiDZ® .

iRiE KiDZ®  will be operating from a multifunctional space containing an office for iRiE KiDZ® Foundation, a work area for iRiE KiDZ® ,  and will also have access to a training space to conduct small workshops. The location is in the heart of Kingston, and is easily accessible.  It’s great to be home!