iRiE KiDZ® joins forces with UTECH

The iRiE KiDZ® Biz Internship programme is currently available to the University of Technology’s (UTECH) BA Communication Arts and Technology and BSc Animation and Production Development students who are pursuing careers in the creative industry. As part of their degree programme this group must attain between 120-340 hours practical experience in their desired field, for which they are assessed and graded.

As part of the collaboration with UTECH, iRiE KiDZ® assigns projects to students which assist in the development of their skills, and creates the opportunity for them to showcase their talent. The students are supervised by iRiE KiDZ® personnel.

The aim of iRiE KiDZ® Biz is to build skills, confidence, employability and equip young people with the relevant knowledge and experience to transition from school or unemployment to work.