Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about iRiE KiDZ® Foundation and its initiatives for irie kids.

If your question is not here feel free to contact us, we would be happy to respond.


Where is iRiE KiDZ® Foundation located?

iRiE KiDZ® Foundation is located at 22 Barbican Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica

How do we know that you are the original iRiE KiDZ® Foundation?

iRiE KiDZ® Foundation and its affiliate iRiE KiDZ® has spent a considerable amount of time distinguishing our organisations through all of our communication activities. Should for any reason you be in doubt, because of imitators, please contact us before undertaking any business with such organisations.

Is iRiE KiDZ® Foundation formally registered?

iRiE KiDZ® Foundation Limited is a not-for-profit charity. Registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica in October 2018.

What is iRiE KiDZ® Foundation's Vision?

iRiE KiDZ® Foundation's vision is for all irie kids to recognize their potential to be great.

What is iRiE KiDZ® Foundation's Mission?

iRiE KiDZ® Foundation's mission is to create initiatives which educate, engage, inspire and empower irie kids to unlock their potential to be great.

Does the Irie Kidz® Foundation have a Board of Directors?

As stated in the Company's Articles of Association, it is compulsory for Irie Kidz® Foundation to have a Board. The Irie Kidz® Foundation's Board currently consists of five professionals in the field of Business, Marketing, Project Management, Law and IT; with some members playing key roles in the Diaspora.

What is the relationship between Irie Kidz® Foundation and iRiE KiDZ® Clothing Company

iRiE KiDZ® Foundation and iRiE KiDZ® Clothing Company are affiliated companies. Both companies goals compliment and support one another. iRiE KiDZ® facilitates most of the practical experience programmes on behalf of the iRiE KiDZ® Foundation.

Who are iRiE KiDZ® Supporters?

iRiE KiDZ® Supporters are those individuals or organisations that believe in iRiE KiDZ® vision/mission, and consider this venture to support irie kids is worthy enough to participate in, and be associated with.

Who can participate in iRiE KiDZ® Foundation's Programme of activities.

iRiE KiDZ® Foundation's social programmes are open to children up to 17 years, with their Parent/Guardian’s permission. Whilst the commercial projects run by iRiE KiDZ® Clothing Company e.g practical experience and exposure, are meant for students and unemployied youth aged between 18-29 years.

How do I get involved with iRiE KiDZ® Foundation?

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with iRiE KiDZ® Foundation, these include: mentoring, volunteering or collaborating with us. Send us a message on how you would like to be involved with our programmes. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.