“At least three years’ experience in the field is required for this job”!

How often do you hear this?

Students and graduates are severely disadvantaged when seeking employment, despite being academically qualified.

Most employers are reluctant to hire students fresh out of university with no experience and who require training.

Instead they prefer applicants with previous hands on experience in the industry and an understanding of the world of work.

Unfortunately students are not always afforded such opportunities.

That’s why gaining as much practical experience in your desired field matters. And this is how iRiE KiDZ® can help. Introducing 'The Biz'.

The Biz is iRiE KiDZ® Foundation's specialist skills training and development programme which exposes students and unemployed youth to business and practical assignments, under the guidance of industry professionals.

IRiE KiDZ® has also launched an internship pilot programme with the University of Technology, Jamaica. This collaborative effort will create work opportunities for students in their respective fields of study - in order for them to gain valuable work experience.